copy paste – Zoom chat breaks pasted and copied code

It has taken a while to discover what was going on, but any code pasted in and then copied from zoom chat becomes unusable. It looks fine like regular ASCII but must be some weird Unicode equivalent or something. Has anyone else experienced this? It is sending my web design students who are collaborating on daily labs often via Zoom into fits.

For instance, in the following example, a student has created some CSS that appears perfectly valid but throws an error in the browser (“Invalid property value”) because it was copied and pasted via Zoom chat.

enter image description here

If I retype the exact same code, it works fine. This has haunted us in editors Atom and Sublime and since almost all plain text editors support Unicode, can’t be “converted” back to ASCII easily.

I have been suggesting that students use Slack or Discord to collaborate instead of Zoom because of this problem.

I know there is a Code Snippet module, but I don’t need to share huge chunks of code, just the occasional one-liner. Why would Zoom chat break perfectly ordinary bits of text?