covid 19 – Ryanair still hasn’t refunded in cash, over 1 year later

Last year, a question was asked about Ryanair giving a voucher instead of refunding:

Ryanair offering voucher instead of refund I applied for

The replies say they are breaking the law.

In my case (and I assume for many others too), I have used the voucher a few times, but I don’t plan to travel anymore, yet I still have money stuck in that voucher, and I don’t see signs of it being refunded to me, over 1 year later.

I have created a ticket with them in August 11, 2021:


I haven’t received yet the refund of the money that I have pending in the Voucher associated to my account.

I believe I was promised to get it back in July 2021, but I haven’t received anything yet.

Please let me know how can we proceed with getting my money back.
I can give you my IBAN.

Thank you,

After over 1 month (September 15, 2021), they finally replied with a very vague email:

Dear Customer,

I refer to your recent correspondence regarding your booking.

You may have had a resolution to your request through our contact centre or through another channel. If your query has been dealt with that is great and we have closed your ticket. We apologise if your query remains unresolved, the below options may assist:

• If your query is about documents required for traveling, (…)

• If your flight is scheduled to operate and you choose not to travel, (…)

• You can move your booking to a future date, (…)

• As this cancellation was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore outside of our control, no EU261 compensation is due.

• If you received a voucher and want to reject this option and request a cash refund, click here to submit your request. All cash refunds processed will be refunded back to the method of payment used during the booking process.
• If you have booked through an Online Travel Agent and wish to reject your voucher and request a refund please click here to access the Verification Form to submit your request.

• If your query has not been resolved please click here to resubmit and we will handle this as soon as we can.

Yours sincerely,

Ryanair Group Customer Care (Ryanair DAC, Lauda & Malta Air)

And the ticket was marked as “Solved”.
I created a new follow-up ticket:

My issue was not resolved. I already requested a cash refund last year, but haven’t received the money yet. Please refund the money from the voucher.


But I’m hopeless it will resolve anything.

Are they breaking the law? How can I escalate this?
I have no idea what the next steps are.
And I’m hoping that whatever next steps aren’t costly which ends up in me losing more money than I already lost…