CPU – help for temperature monitoring

I am new to Ubuntu and have trouble reading the temperature on my system. I tried to use LM sensors and psensors by following some leaders without success. I also tried hardinfo, which seems very nice and useful. When I use it to monitor my cpy-temps, I get the following information:

HARDiNFO screenshot

Note: The PC has no problems detecting cores or CPU usage.

When I run hardinfo from the terminal, I also get this message:

Hard information terminal

Regarding the matter, but unrelated to Ubuntu, the CPU temps on my computer are really hot when I monitor them through the BIOS. It goes from 35-45 celcius Right, if I somehow managed to misfire my new radiator, it is a Corsi 150i Pro that comes with pre-installed radiator paste or if the fans do not spin on it fast enough.

I understand if the second part is in the wrong forum, but I would be happy if I could get help for both, as I think the issues are related to it.

Thank you in advance.