cpu – How to benchmark test check used old android mobille

Question How to benchmark test check used old android

I want purchase second hand mobile online from unkonwn person. Before purchasing I want to ensure test benchmark of mobile is ok workings and many other quesries through USSD code or any utility app benchmark report

How and by which app can I check with a single tool or USSD code the following parameters of android mobilw

  1. Date of mobile first switch on
  2. No of days used
  3. No of time it’s factory reset
  4. No of time the mobile is deassambled unscrewd opened or repairs
  5. Current life of mobile
  6. Current battery life of mobile
  7. Mobile is not used for bitcoin
    8 mobile don’t have any damaged hardware or problem
    9 mobiles not used for crypto currency
    10 if we factory resent then any spywares or mobile wares be removed
  8. Test any malfunctions or tempered mobile or water damaged mobile or mobile errors
    12 test life span of internal memory ram display touch screens

Kindly suggest
Any important information ion to check for second hand mobile and how to test and reconfirm it

Thank you and greatful for.replying and your precious time knowledge