cpu – Single application + NUMA nodes + multi user setup?

I have quick question on running an application, one instance per user?

System specs – CPUs:4, total cores:192, NUMA nodes:4, Windows Server 2019

By default if you run multiple instances of a single application that is CPU intensive, the max Windows can assign it to is 64 cores (max limit for a NUMA node on 64bit OS) and any subsequent instances of the same application is assigned to the same node.

Now, I am interested to know what happens if the second instance is opened in another user environment? Will it still assign it to the same node as it did for the first user?

I could have tested it, but the software I am trying to test doesn’t allow multiple instances across multi user accounts, but only in one account. I have another version of that software that I can try, but before moving its license and all to this setup would like to know.

thanks for any input