Create 50 DA20+ To DA30 Home Page Aged PBNs Backlinks Blogspot expired for $20

Create 50 DA20+ To DA30 Home Page Aged PBNs Backlinks Blogspot expired

A PBN is a collection of high authority websites that you have complete control over and all of which link back to your money site.

Permanent Homepage PBN Links On DA 30 To 25 TF We are one of theBiggest and Most Successful SEO service provider on source-wave. ​As of right now SEO Team consist of 20+ SEO and Link Building expert and we have always updated our link building method to make sure that it will always work with the latest search engine algorithm changes. This time we are providing most updating and powerful links building service that will 100% trusted any search engine dominated.

Typically PBNs are made of expired domains BlogSpot Zombie 2.0 that have great backlinks and therefore pass high levels of link equity to your money site.The Image above shows how you have multiple sites in your PBN (blue, yellowand green) all linking to your Money site (the main site that you want to rank in the search engines) as well as other authoritative sites in your niche. Are PBNs a black hat strategy?Yes. You will hear many “gurus” claim that this is not a black hat strategy in order to sell their courses. However, let’s be clear on this– any form of intentional link building is against google’s guidelines.

What you’ll get:

★ PBN links Page Authority 30+ to 10 Guaranteed

★ All Contextual Seo Backlinks

★ 100% Dofollow and Permanent

★ Quality Content copyscape articles

★ With Unique IP’s

★ Homepage lifetime backlinks

★ Fastest Ranking Improvement and gain traffic

★ Detailed report in Excel sheet

★ All languages Keywords allowed

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