Create new Microsoft accounts for employees using the email address

Hi Guys,

I have had some difficulties and am looking for help in creating new accounts so employees can access Bing through their business emails (e.g. )

When you try to create an account, you receive an error stating that you can not use a work or school email address and instead create a personal email account on Yahoo or Outlook.

I am worried that this account is uncertain and beyond our business control, among other concerns.

I found an article that said I could create a Microsoft account with a Yahoo email and then alias the work domain as an email. This did not work.

I've talked at length to Microsoft and Bing (we did not have an account manager at Bing), and after several calls and emails giving me basic instructions to invite users, I'm not smarter. I talked to our IT support and they are not sure.

My question is, are the big 6 agencies really going to create yahoo accounts for all their employees just to access bing?
Thanks in advance, I'm slowly losing the will to live: – /