Create RAID 1 on Windows 10

Usually I work with RAID controllers however in this case this is not possible so I need to use the “Windows software raid” (or some other kind of software raid for that matter).

If I have two SDDs (same size) in the PC and one of them configured as a basic disk (GPT) already containing the operating system (Windows 10 with standard partitioning: EFI,MAIN,RECOVERY, it’s just one main partition with OS and all the data) is it still possible to create a RAID 1? The only possibilities I found required the system disk being a part of an disk array BEFORE it received any data or not being part of the RAID at all (using either “Windows pools” or “dynamic disks and mirrored volumes”).

Is there any work around or is it generally not possible to mirror the system partition without hardware raid?

The goal is to have redundancy on my laptop while unable to make a backup to the cloud or an external hard drive (in case the SSD fails) without the help of a HW raid controller.