Creating alias for folders from another PC on google drive

I’m using several computers that I’m trying to link up with google drive.
The majority of the data is of course stored on google drive and hence easily accessible to any PC.
But each individual PC also backs up some essential things, like Pictures, Documents and Desktop. These items only appear on google drive under Computers. I’ve been trying to get these items from Computer to Drive to function as an alias. So then if needed I can easily access items that were left on desktop on another PC. I’ve tried drag and drop on google drive – that results in some ‘Server error’. I’ve tried shift+Z, but that does not function on folders that are being backed up from a PC.
The closest solution I got to is to create a shortcut that can then be stored in Drive. This shortcut than appears on other computers. But of course using the shortcut just opens the google drive web app. I basically want this functionality to be locally on my PC. Is this even possible to do or this feature does not exist?