Creating an expandable/hoverable multi-choice view for multiple selected values on a column in Sharepoint Lists

The problem: I have a Microsoft Sharepoint Lists -list, in which one of the multi-choice column has 27 different values (27 cities in a province) to choose from. The standard way for users to add an item is to select one of these values. However, in some cases it’s necessary to be able to choose all of the values, so that whenever someone filters the list to show only items with the selected value, the item would always show, almost as if it were fixed on top of the list as a given. Creating a value ALL doesn’t help, since the end user tends to search for value-specific (City-specific) items.

When all of these 27 values are selected for an item, the full list becomes extremely hard and innately unrecognizable as a list since the 27 selections fill the entire desktop screen.

I’m a newbie to coding and JSON coding (only amateur stuff years ago) but now have to find a way to prevent this from happening. What I’d prefer would be a sort of a “facepile” functionality for various multi-choice values. That way any row would show in this column “Alpha, Beta (+25)” instead of the 27 values all piled up on separate rows. Any kind of functionality, be it a hovering, clickable or any similarly functioning menu would help.

So far I’ve had no luck finding a solution online. Might be because of my lack of coding jargon/terminology. This is my first time on StackExchange, and would appreciate all the help..