Creating Subdomain without cpanel

Hi, I would like to know if I can create a Subdomain without the use of cpanel.

I am using my own webhost server without cpanel and registered my domain from

From namecheap website, I have access to DNS and hostname settings.

So what I tried was direct to
For Record Type, there are 3 I can use for this purpose, URL Redirect, URL Redirect(301) and URL Frame.

URL Redirect just directs traffic to URL Frame masks/hides the targetted url. But that doesn’t seem right as it only creates a frame above the actual url.

The subdomain should be like, where when I navigate, I can see and not

My purpose of creating a subdomain is to place different content on it and have search engines treat it as (almost) a separate site as my domain site.

Any anyone tell me how I should create my subdomain correctly without the use of cpanel?

Thanks in advance :)