crm – Bulk Connect Drupal Nodes to Salesforce Objects

When connecting to Salesforce via the Salesforce Suite Module I am experiencing a duplication issue.

I currently have thousands of nodes in Drupal that all have a unique identifier. Although not connected yet, these objects also exist in salesforce and they share this unique identifier.

I have set up my mapping to use this identifier for upserts; however, when I try to map them, Drupal is creating new nodes instead of connecting the pre-existing nodes to the salesforce object. The new nodes are properly populated with all of the correct fields, including the unique identifier, but now I have 2 nodes in the system that share what should have been the unique field.

Ideally, I would like to connect the data so that Salesforce becomes the source of the data and Drupal will simply update the corresponding nodes when any changes are made. The initial hurdle of connecting these objects is where I am running into trouble.

Any assistance or ideas on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.