cruising – Cruise ship in the Schengen area: How would the following add up

Given the following cruise scenario, how many days would be counted again a Schengen 90 day count?
DAY 1 Southampton UK
DAY 2 At Sea
DAY 3 Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (UK)
DAY 4 Tórshavn Faroe Islands (Denmark protectorate)
DAY 5 At Sea
DAY 6 Akureyri (Iceland)
DAY 7 Isafjörður (Iceland)
DAY 8-9 Reykjavik (Iceland) overnight
DAY 10-12 At Sea
DAY 13 Honningsvåg, Norway
DAY 14 Tromsø, Norway
DAY 15 Leknes, Lofoten Island (Norway)
DAY 16 Narvik (Norway)
DAY 17 At Sea
DAY 18 Trondheim (Norway)
DAY 19 Kristiansund (Norway)
DAY 20 Alesund (Norway)
DAY 21 Skjolden (Norway)
DAY 22-23 At Sea
DAY 24 Southampton (UK)

I am expecting every day from day 4 through day 21, i.e. first Schengen port to last, but if this can be confirmed I’d be most appreicative as we try to count the days for multiple vacations.