Custom/Extend laravel pagination method

I use vue component for displaying data on my blade template layouts, like for example pagination data, that’s why I created a method to return paginated data in the shape I need it, I was wondering if it’s possible to chain or override laravel paginate method? Found an article that helped me, but I can’t put my finger on it.
Right now I’m doing it like this but I’d like to maybe extend laravel query builder or whatever classes laravel uses to paginate:

$posts = Post::latest()->with((‘category’,’user’))->paginate($request->input(‘paginate’, 6));

$posts = $this->getPagination($posts);

public function getPagination($results)
‘data’ => $results,
‘pagination’ => (
‘total’ => $results->total(),
‘per_page’ =>$results->perPage(),
‘current_page’ => $results->currentPage(),
‘last_page’ => $results->lastPage(),
‘from’ => $results->firstItem(),
‘to’ => $results->lastItem()

I’d like to have something like:

$posts = Post::paginate($request->input(‘paginate’, 6))->getPaginatedData();