customs and immigration – Does Canada accept the EU covid certificate as a proof of vaccination?

For entering Canada by air you need to show proof of Covid vaccination in print, and also upload it to the ArriveCAN app. The requirements for that proof are delightfully vague: “a photo or PDF file of the record of each dose of your vaccination, such as receipts, cards, or confirmations” (source)

The EU DCC is explicitly described as a vaccination proof for inter-EU travel only – the digital version only contains the QR code, while the paper version contains more details. But because the Canadian standards are so vague, the paper version might be enough actually. So my question is: has anyone tried entering Canada with the EU DCC vaccine record as their “proof of vaccination”?

The EU DCC seems to be the only vaccine proof that the Dutch authorities is willing to give out, except for the stamp in the International Certificate of Vaccination booklet.