customs and immigration – Future consequences related to a charge of criminal offence: Drinking and riding bicycle in Germany

I am a non-EU person and a few months earlier, I was accused of a criminal offence of drink and riding a bicycle (the event was only for 2-3 minutes, no one hurt, police caught me immediately). After some days of this charge, I have received a letter stating: if I agree to pay a fine all the legal proceeding against me will be discontinued without any further notification to me. And, there will be neither an entry in the federal central register nor in the registry of fitness to drive. I will be deemed to have no criminal record. I have fulfilled the obligations in a timely fashion.

At present, I am searching for a job and this week I have received a job offer from Finland. So to proceed further, I need to apply for Finish vias. In the vias form, there is a section of criminal history and certain questions were asked, for example,

  1. Have you ever been convicted of an offence and sentenced to punishment?’
  2. Do you consent to the Finnish migration authorities obtaining a criminal record extract or similar report from foreign authorities?

In my case, I could not able to make up my mind. What should I write in the form? Should I mentioned about the incident of drink and riding a bicycle or not (although in the letter it was mentioned that if I pay the fine then there will be no record against me)?

I will be grateful if anyone can give some information on this.