customs and immigration – Where can I use an Irish passport card?

I’ve been using the passport card in many EU countries and never had a problem, no questions asked. Ironically, it raised the highest suspicion with the UK immigration authorities in Dunkirk when boarding a ferry to Dover, probably they haven’t seen one before (and also since I’m a naturalized Irish citizen hence my place of birth is outside of Ireland). Still no problem, just 5 minutes delay or so.
Quite a few non-EU countries, as mentioned before, also accept it. I have used it in Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia without any issues at all.
The only real downside of it is you cannot use the automated passport control e-gates now found in many airports in Europe. For those, you need an actual passport book. So you have to go to a manned desk to have your card checked. It applies to other EU ID cards, not just Irish passport card.