Data Recovery – What's the best way to ensure ADB access when a screen gets corrupted?

I've just broken the screen on my OnePlus 6, which only allows AdB debugging when you change the USB connection type to MTP (via the screen). The repair service states that the device sent is deleted without exception. I did not unlock the bootloader. So if you unlock it for another restore, the device will also be deleted. Also, ADB has been removed over Wi-Fi so it looks like it's completely locked.

On my next phone (Razer Phone 2) I want to make sure that never happens again. I'm worried that potential Android updates may require screen interaction before Adb is allowed over USB or Adb is removed over Wi-Fi.

What's the best way to make sure I can maintain Adb access without any screen interaction in case of future damage?

I plan on:

  • Unlock the bootloader immediately, so in the worst case, I could flash a custom recovery like twrp that allows adb access
  • Enable Adb
  • Authorization of at least two computers
  • Set the default USB mode to MTP (if possible)
  • Enable ADB via Wi-Fi, but ONLY if I can lock it

I want Adb over Wi-Fi not enabled on every network I join. Is there a way to whitelist only my home Wi-Fi or allow it only from authorized computers?

I'm looking for ways not to lose access in this way in the future. I need to order a replacement screen and fix it myself to retrieve the data. For me it is also important that I do not lose access to system updates in the future, although this is difficult to ensure. Maybe a Nandroid backup of a system with everything that could be recovered by restoring it?

Which options are available for devices such as the OnePlus 6, which have removed adb via WLAN and require a touch input for adb via USB?