database design – MS ACCESS : On a subject form, how can I highlight a required control IF AND ONLY IF the user misses it (an error is thrown)

I have built a subject form and would like to find a way to highlight a textbox control that is required (it is paired to a required field) IF AND ONLY IF the user fails to enter it. I know that there are validation rules that are built as part of the subject table that will give the user an indication of an error when they fail to enter required data. But, I am looking for a more “colorful” or “visual” indication, so to speak. I have seen people simply give a colorful border to a required field. This is fine, but I am trying to find a way to either highlight or make a colorful border on the required control IF AND ONLY IF an error is thrown.

I hope my question is clear. This is my first question on here so I apologize if it’s messy. I am using ACCESS 2016