databases – Does Microsoft 365 backup your data?

Microsoft is responsible for protecting the Office 365 physical and virtual infrastructure and ensuring availability. Although Microsoft addresses certain security threats, it cannot prevent all malicious threats. Businesses are responsible for protecting their data. This means that if a business’s Office 365 data is compromised or corrupted, it is not Microsoft’s job to restore the data outside of the Software Licensing Terms. To protect data, businesses need to make sure they have data backup and recovery plans in place.

Having a comprehensive and adaptable Office 365 backup and recovery solution in place is increasingly important for Office 365 customers. Backup and recovery solutions for example from Nakivo capture a point-in-time copy of a file, database or even an entire computer and write the data out to a secondary storage device so that users can recover it in the future. This means that any data that’s deleted accidentally can easily be recovered, but it also means that files are protected against ransomware attacks.