databases – Explain how a text retrieval db & query differs from a document db and query and which do I need?

To any and all,

I am in need of either a text retrieval database, a document database, a hybrid database, something custom, or perhaps something else. I am asking for someone to explain the differences in these types of databases.

Here is my question from the title and some more details. How are a text retrieval db & query different from a document db and query from the standpoint of results of each?

I have a sizable document collection consisting of:

  • pre-reviewed research papers,
  • published technical articles,
  • engineering technical notes,
  • trade magazine articles, and
  • Government technical reports.

Overall, documents widely vary on subject matters and some are multiple disciplinary.

The database system desired will require querying/searching for:

  • a keyword,

  • an equation (from a list or from tagged descriptive words),

  • a general image (from tagged descriptive word(s),

  • a graph (tagged descriptive words),

  • a citation,

  • a subject,

  • an author,

  • a publication,

  • a year,

  • a date,

  • a title or words in a title,

  • or variations of these.

    Here is an example of a title format of query results: initially in a list form showing titles of all documents with instances of meeting that search type criteria/criterion. For clarity, the desired data, a retrieval would be in varying forms, either an initial list of titles or subject, or publications, or reference citations, etc. with the instance or number of instances, and the links to the instances in the document(s). In other words, the query results initially is format selectable as long as each instance matching the criterion has links to the locations of the documents. I have seen text retrieval databases with querying that results in views of all instances in the collection and the total number of instances. However, text retrieval databases don’t retrieve images. Regarding document databases, my attempts to understand what they are, many explanations are ambiguous leaving some confusion in what they are and if it would work for my need. If you know about document databases, text retrieval databases, or similar systems and can explain these as it relates to what I need, that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you very much,