Date/Time on iPad photos – Ask Different

I took a photo in Fayetteville Arkansas.  The EXIF info includes the following:

Date/Time Original: 2017:01:06 06:11:41
Lens Model:         iPad Air 2 back camera 3.3mm f/2.4
GPS Time Stamp:     12:11:39
GPS Date Stamp:     2017:01:06

I believe the reason the time difference is incorrect for Arkansas may be that I was traveling and still had a different time zone, and IOS does not actually get the GPS clock but “computes” UTC from the local time.  (Which is inappropriate, but that’s another story).

However, neither date/time explains what Finder on MacOS says about it.  Finder says the image was created nine hours earlier than the EXIF local time and fifteen hours earlier than the GPS time.  Neither that date nor that time appears anywhere in the EXIF.  The iPad obviously could not have transferred to iCloud before the image was created, nor could the laptop download it before. And the laptop sets its clock and zone from the net, which was obviously connected at download time.  Where does Finder get this from?
enter image description here