debian – Nftables “Error: Interface does not exist” after reboot

at using nftables on a new virtual machine (Debian 10) I installed and configured nftables as automatic service (systemd). I use also LXC and use an additional interface (lxcbr0).

I recognized the problem that the nftables service does not start successfully after reboot. The error: /etc/nftables.conf:56:32-39: Error: Interface does not exist

It seems that the interface get only up after the nftables service startup:
Startup date of nftables (log output):

Apr 05 11:41:23 WEB01 systemd(1): Starting nftables...

Startup date of the interface:

Apr 05 11:41:25 WEB01 ifup(397): Waiting for lxcbr0 to get ready

–> 2 second delay between the startups

Is there a general solution for this or a common work around? On the wiki of nftables I did not find something like that.

Thanks in advance