Dedicated user Permissions – Drupal Answers

I have the following Problem: I have two content types, Type A and Type B. Type B has a reference to Type B and I display the title of every referenced entity on the site of Type A and on the site of Type B I display the title of every sibling and the parent.

Now I want to integrate permissions. I figured out some ways to deal with this problem but that always sound complicated to the user and does not solve every problem. If you have some advice or a concrete solution that would be very appreciated. Basically I want to create a node of Type A, and then I want a role that allows the users with this role to edit the node. Furthermore, I want that users with this role to be able to create content of Type B and are only allowed to choose the reference for which they have the permission. Additionally, they should be able to edit all children of the page they have access to.

All pages should be readable to all users regardless of their permission.