design – Ingest data from our partener : API POST vs Event Drive Architecture

I am in the process of carrying out a software architecture for my client, in fact

The need is to retrieve huge data from a partner by calling it’s REST APIs (JSON) to finally store the result in our SQL database (not too much processing to do in between)

I proposed two solutions:

If we start with Event Driven Architecture: partner X sends an event (message) to a queue to notify that there is new data to recover, my client consumes the data by calling the Rest APIs of partener following this event (batch which does this example Spring Batch)

we expose a REST API and HTTP POST:
We expose ourselves a REST API (VERB POST) to help our partner to update data (huge volume) in our repositories (this action will save the JSON in the database)
so the partner will call our new API REST to update our data

For my part, I opt for the first solution (EDD) since the processing will be asynchronous and we will be the master of our data to be added to our database / processing in almost real time

The second solution is rather light (less expensive) it is an advantage, but has the disadvantage that the processing will be done synchronously and that we will not be master of the data to add to our REF (unless checks to be made in the POST action to be exposed) / call charge for our partner

is there any other criteria to base myself on in order to pick the right decision ?

Thank you for your enrichments (advantages / disadvantages)