developing – Portra 400 looks desaturated and has sprocket leaks

Hi fellow photographers

I’m a hobby film photographer for a few years now having a basic understanding of photographing, developing and scanning + postprocessing.

In the past months i’ve shot only few photographs due to some global pandemic. I’ve developed with Cinestill CS41 for some time now with great results. As the first negatives last year had the desaturated look, i’ve thought the chemistry soup was overused.

Yesterday i cooked a fresh CS41 Soup and bottled it up. Afterwards i developed a fresh roll i shot last week in the mountains just to find out that the problems persist:

  • very muddy/desaturated look (it was bright daylight and fresh green trees)
  • sprocket light leaks (im not sure what they’re caused by)

I’ve used a Canon AE-1 which light seals have been replaced last year and worked fine since. Maybe i should check them. Portra 400 was in the Camera, set to ISO 200 and i metered for the shadows (even though it looks muddy, i think its obvious i overexposed +1). Developed as always: 3:30 at 49°C Developing and 8:00 at BleachFix. Final rinse with demineralized water + a splash of ipa for better drying. All inside the labbox 2. Scanned as always with the Epson V550 in Vuescan. The Epson has a Anti-Newton-Ring glass inset. Cropped the image, took a bit of the orange as white balance, used negative lab pro, with default presets. Never had this look before with these settings. If i invert the colors myself by using the “RGB Curves Method” i get a huge bluecast which also would normally never happen in this method.

  • What could cause the sprocket light leaks? door seals have been replaced and seems odd they cause these.
  • Why are my negatives so muddy/desaturated?
  • Why am i such a horrible photographer 😀

Screenshot of Lightroom with an image of Mountains behind a Lake
The negative of the first one
Screenshot of Vuescan
Image of what it should look like

What it actually looked that day