development process – How to approach management about getting clarity on the status of a legacy product?

The scenario: Company I work for has a very successful market dominating product written in a old, unsupported, but still perfectly functionality programming language.

10 years ago they started the process of rewriting in .Net, I didn’t agree with doing a ground-floor rewrite but regardless, that’s what has happened.

10 years later … the product I am involved in – the “old” product has been in “maintenance mode” for all that time and the “new” product, which has changed architecture at least twice has barely scratched the surface. It’s a perfectly decent system, but the company is now in the classic situation of having TWO perfectly decent systems, one of which they struggle to sell to customers as it is competing with the older, more familiar product.

For the “old” product, “maintenance mode” has ACTUALLY been “continued development as new features and government compliance changes” for the entire 10 years. Done by a much smaller team of increasingly demotivated developers.

This situation is obviously untenable and has been for probably 5 years, but management seem to have the blinders on and are continuing to pretend the situation isn’t what it is.

Is there any way I a mere developer can approach management to nudge them to start asking some really painful questions?