Dialogue – How Can Reviewers Understand the Consequences of Choosing a Comment in Stack Exchange's Inferior Review?


How to improve the low-quality Queck Queue Queue Selection UI user interface to better inform reviewers of the real impact of their choice.

Current situation

The current UI encountered by reviewers who have decided to delete a post in the low quality queue on Stack Exchange is as follows:

  1. You will see the post and you will be able to make the actual selection, ie. H. Whether you want to delete them, edit them, etc .:

    Main interface of low quality queue

  2. Reviewers who choose to delete will receive a selection of comments to leave on their behalf:

    Selection of low quality comments in the queue

The problem

Many reviewers never or never decide for that No comment needed Option, even though there is already a comment that expresses the same thing in the post (which makes the new comment redundant) or none of the comments apply. Please assume that this problem is given for this question. If you want to debate about it, here is a question about Meta SE, where it would probably be well placed.

As far as I can tell, the reason is a mixture of:

  • A variation in banner blindness that causes reviewers not to (re) read the header of the commenting dialog.

  • Users are of the opinion that their choice in the dialogue with canned comments is more than just leaving a comment, eg. B. that they contribute to statistics or influence what happens to the contribution (eg. That's a comment Actually do a comment conversion).

  • The users think that No comment needed is not the right thing and can be held against it. (This is not completely unjustified, since it is actually true if one of the ready-made comments is just right and no comment is available yet.)

  • The UI focuses on the reason for the deletion (for example, "This is a thank you comment."), Not the actually selected comment.

My question

How can the UI be improved to make it clear that the canned comments are just canned comments and that it is not a good idea to leave a comment?

What I thought so far

The following options do not convince me, although at least the first one would be better than nothing:

  • One could add further explanations to the explanation No comment needed Option, such as For example, a text that explains, "This is a good choice if an existing comment already addresses the issues of the post." However, I fear that this will be adversely affected by the same banner blindness and ignored.

  • You could add another level of dialogue: once you've decided to delete, users will be presented with a dialog where they can only choose between them no comment, can comment, and possibly custom comment (Explains these choices) and presents them with only a selection of comments if they wish Comment from the tin The downside is that it is another dialog level and it is not clear which selection of comments can be made in the first level.

  • Remove the bold headers that indicate the reason for deletion (for example, "This is a thank you comment").
    This should significantly increase the effort of finding the right comment, if appropriate.