Diesel / Commercial Vehicle / Fleet Management Website

Why are you selling this page?
Money. I have other projects that I work on and I do not have time to work on them.

How is it monetized?
There is an "Advertise with us" page for Central FL freight forwarders and parts stores that can be advertised on the website. The site attracts the right audience for these businesses, and selling ad space should be easy.

Is this page coming with social media accounts?
No, I wanted to create social pages and advertise, but I never got around to it. All that really needs is a bit of love for the social media. I have the logo source files that I will send so that you can create graphics and other social media content.

How long does it take to run this website?
Depends on what you want to do with it. You can now sell advertising space for what it is, or you can invest some time or money to create content.

What are the challenges in running this website?
None. This website is very easy to manage and is based on WordPress. There is no complicated premium theme or something crazy to learn. Adding content regularly will give you more results just like any other website.

$ 100 / obo – Send me a message with your best offer!

I literally just dubbed it with Jetpack to track viewers and finally allowed the search engines to index the site a few days ago (I keep it hidden until the site is ready to go). So, I have no statistics to show, but the results will come quickly, it's a local niche and Central Florida is a big area for the trucking industry, so there is a big audience and a lot of companies in the area responsible for advertising numbers . There is a lot of potential if you are ready.