digital – What are the best resources for Indoor Product Photography?

The light tent/cube isn’t really a product that will help you extend your photographic skill. It’s designed to make the process easy and make anything look pretty good: just put the object inside the tent, position the lights around so that the whole tent is lit, and take a photo. The tent won’t allow you to add a hard light for an accent, for example, because it’s, well, an enclosed tent.

To really grow you need to move to just working on a table top with additional lights and modifiers. A couple umbrellas or softboxes will let you light the subject in very much the same way as the tent does, but you’ll now have room to add an accent light or two, which might be responsible for showing off some detail on the product, or better lighting a difficult area of the product.

Strobist is a great place to learn about lighting anything. Once you understand how to use the light and light modifiers, you can apply it to anything, including product photography. If you want video, I can highly recommend Strobist’s Lighting in Layers DVDs.