Dirt inside display a common issue in MacBooks?

Not even a month ago I privately purchased a M1 MacBook Air 13″ and today I noticed that it has a small (some would maybe say tiny) dirt particle inside the display. About a year ago I saw similar dirt spots on a 15″ MacBook Pro with Intel i9 processor but I didn’t care because it was a computer handed to me at my work place.

enter image description here

Now it appears to me that this problem is very common. I still consider Apple products to be premium products but the quality control is just not on point currently. If I purchased this device in USA and directly from Apple I’d probably “just” get a new but here in Switzerland you’re pretty screwed. This means now I have to go to Interdiscount (where I purchased it) and explain every detail to them (I hope they won’t say this is my fault, I hate their games). Then they’ll probably send the MacBook to a “certified service provider” for repair. I have few issues with that.

  • I purchased a brand new product that has defects straight away and
    now I have to wait over two weeks to get it back.
  • Even if they manage to repair it, I will get a product that does not come straight from
    Apple’s factory but was opened by some randomly skilled guy in the
    repair centre. Maybe they’ll brake something else and I won’t even
    notice. The notebook will never ever be “new” anymore.

So I have two questions.

  • Is this display issue a common one? Any Apple program to get the
    notebook replaced?
  • You boys and girls from Switzerland and/or maybe
    rest of Europe: Is there a way to get your money back in such a case
    or just get a replacement product from Apple or Interdiscount?