disable SIP on a remote/headless machine running Sierra?

I have a remote 2012 mac mini running Sierra. Long ago I was doing some troubleshooting and had created a secondary copy of the system on the machine. Once I had finished whatever I was doing (which I don’t even remember anymore) I got my working system running again and deleted the alternate one. Trouble is since it contains system files, they are locked down by SIP and can’t be deleted without disabling SIP. Which of course can only be done from recovery mode, which requires having a display and keyboard attached to the machine in question. Which I don’t have.

Is there any way to:

  1. Disable SIP without using recovery mode at all? I have found other threads (such as here and here) about this and the consensus appears to be “no”, but I thought I would reiterate the question here to be thorough. Or,
  2. Empty the trash of protected items without having to disable SIP first?

The machine is running Sierra and SIP is definitely enabled currently (csrutil status).