disk utility – How can you verify when a drive was last formatted?

I’m trying to determine the date a drive on a MacBook was last formatted. I used to be able check the inode birth time of the root volume, but it appears a recent MacOS update may have changed this behaviour because I’m now seeing Jan 1 2020 anytime I check via

stat -f "Access (atime): %Sa%nModify (mtime): %Sm%nChange (ctime): %Sc%nBirth  (Btime): %SB" /
Access (atime): Jan  1 03:00:00 2020
Modify (mtime): Jan  1 03:00:00 2020
Change (ctime): Jan  1 03:00:00 2020
Birth  (Btime): Jan  1 03:00:00 2020

I’m aware I can simply check the software installation dates, but that doesn’t necessarily indicate if the drive was actually formatted or not.