Display breadcrumbs on the front page

I installed Easy breadcrumb module and added Breadcrumbs block to my Block Layout.
However, I can not make breadcrumbs appear on the front page. Block settings do not contain any that specify block display/hide on a specific pages.
I have breadcrumbs on all other pages.

I am using a subtheme of Tara theme but I have no hooks that affect breadcrumbs.
I have custom modules but they do not do anything to breadcrumbs.

I have checked the settings of Easy Breadcrumb and everything looks fine.

Hide link to home page if it’s the only breadcrumb item

This setting is OFF.

Can it be that the source of the problem is the front page path settings? Via Basic Site Settings it is set to /front, while all links to the front are actually just /.

Any help and assumptions will be appreciated.