distributed systems – How does clients observe different replicas and stale data even if the replicas include same set of updates?

I am studying about gossip architecture.
This is gossip architecture-:
enter image description here

Gossip architecture provides 2 guarentees-:

1)Each client gets consistent service over time(meaning even if clients use different RMs, the returned data reflects the updates seen by client as of now)

  1. Relaxed consistency between replicas-: All RMs eventually receive all updates and apply updates with ordering guarentee.

But here is the confusion.

It also says-:

Two clients may observe different replicas even though replicas include same set of updates, ana client may observe stale data.

How can 2 clients observe different replicas when replicas include same set of updates and ordering is guarenteed?

As per my inituition, it is probably because since the consistency is relaxed so at that moment, all replicas don’t have same set of updates.

And may be that’s why clients observe stale data. Am I correct?