Django: organization of project with dynamic database

Full-stack development is not new to me (1 year of professional NodeJS experience), however, I have not previously worked with Django. Therefore I could use some advice on what would be the proper way to organize my project. In short, the project boils down to the following:

Back-end: a quite comprehensive database that is constructed by combining data retrieved from several different APIs. This database should be updated roughly once every day. While plenty of calls are necessary to construct the database, the structured data is not very complicated per se.

Front-end: relatively straightforward and serves mostly as an interactive access point to the structured data.

As far as I understand, a Django project (i.e. the entire application/website) can consist of several apps (i.e. submodules the application). However, as I have not worked with Django before, I am not entirely sure what would be the best way to interpret this with regard to the aforementioned project. For example, would it be wise to contain the part that keeps the database continuous into a single app? Or should I use a single app for the whole project, as both the front-end and back-end heavily rely on the database?
Thanks for reading,