dnd 3.5e – What method can be used to renew a psionic power on a schedule, even if the character sleeping or unconscious?

If a character wants to have a psionic power renew on a once or twice per day schedule (no more than twice per day at max) regardless of external circumstances or personal status conditions up to and including sleeping or unconsciousness, how might one accomplish it?

Auto-hypnosis skill name sounds like it should be able to do something like this, but a reading of the available options does not seem to cover it. Likewise Concentration skill does not cover this concept either.

The method needs to be purely internal, not reliant upon any external item or agent or third party.

An internal item (some item converted to a bone rune, perhaps?) or internal agent (such as a split mind, symbiotic creature, or shared possession of the body or part of the body?) are acceptable. Custom made internal items (so long as they are made in accordance with item creation rules) are acceptable.

The method also needs to be as uninterruptible as possible (null-psi zones or anti-psi resistant or immune would be best).

Multiple methods that combine to achieve the affect are also fine, so long as they meet or come as close as possible to the ideals of internal-only and uninterruptible.

Cost is not an issue, but non-epic is greatly preferred, and answers proposing non-epic items obviously need to remain below the gp cost limit for non-epic items.

The best method would be not only internal and uninterruptible, but also purely mental so that it cannot be lost, stolen, or cut out… if such as thing even exists in D&D.

As an example of a power one might want to pull this sort of effect off with, the Stealsteel power, where one might potentially die once the power turns off. (Power listed at bottom of article.)