dnd 4e – Should Leomund's little hut keep enemies away?

Leomund's Tiny Hut (or just Tiny Hut) appears in several issues with minor changes.

To illustrate, here is the 4e spell, as seen in Dragon 405:

You are creating an opaque, immovable sphere of magical power
Burst 4. Half of the ball is aboveground while the other half is
underground. Other creatures than yourself can enter and leave the hut
free. When you leave the hut, the ritual ends.

The interior of the ball is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the exterior remains intact
from normal weather like wind, rain and dust. You can set this
Inner luminance of the ball from no light to dim light. The sphere is
transparent from the inside, but opaque (blocked line of sight) of the
outside. Creatures within the sphere have total obfuscation
Creatures outside of it.

The 5e version pretty much states "All other creatures and objects are not allowed through", excludes the specified targets when they are created.

The 3.5e version and the 4e version have no such language and seem to indicate that creatures other than the caster can enter and exit at will.

After having recently dealt with the 5e version as 3.5, I read the 4e version and expected a similar level of protection (especially since level 8), but in the text this is simply not included.

RAW, it seems that the earlier versions of Tiny Hut really are just an extraordinary cover, whereas the version of 5e is much more protective (to the disappointment of DMs). Is there a judgment or errata to clarify the effect?