dnd 5e – Am I being unreasonable with my role playing of a cursed item?

If a player from my campaign sees this, please don’t take any offence to it. Its just I’m really not enjoying the item and can’t RP it in a way that other players will care about.

My character recently got a cursed magic item in our campaign that is weakening him. We (as players) know it is cursed, but our characters don’t. It can be broken with a remove curse spell, a spell which my character can cast, but I’m concerned about how to handle it.

I’m not just getting rid of the item as I don’t like it, but its been creating friction in our group. My take on the item has been a bit controversial. I liked the idea that when the item says “you are unwilling to part with the item”, I took that in a very literal sense, and it is a running theme that it cannot leave his person, and if he takes it in his hand, he cannot put it down, or drop the pouch he has put the item in, meaning it can never leave his person, and if anyone attempts to take it, he will swat their hand away, but the item’s magic has made him very accepting of these changes, and just believes that they are defects that come with using the item, and takes he takes into the bath like a rubber duck he is fond of.

This, however, is not how my DM wanted me to RP the item, and objected to my take, as did another player. They explicitly showed my the video summary of “The corecut Dagger” from CR as reference. However, this isn’t CR, and what Sam Riegel’s take was interesting, he got a +1 dagger that did 3d6 necrotic damage. My item has no positive benefits, just a penalty, and its hard to be motivated to RP a situation you don’t personally like, but it seems that the DM wanted this to be an item that everyone but the person attuned to it can discover, so I’m feeling a bit excluded from the party.

The curse can be broken with remove curse, and I want to cast it on myself, but know I will get flak for this, but the party wizard/cleric and bard couldn’t care less, and the only party member who has in character seen me fail roles I’m supposed to pass is blunt that he enjoys seeing me struggle with this item, and is saying his 18 wisdom and 19 intelligence character knows nothing. The disapproval of my take from others doesn’t help, it feels like I don’t have full control over my own character and how I want to RP him, and I’m taking a break from the campaign as I’ve been feeling really frustrated recently.

How should I RP this? Am I being unreasonable? It was meant to be a cool RP item, and I though I would have the creative choice in how I wanted to do it, but I’m really not enjoying this arc and really want to put it to bed.