dnd 5e – Can a Beast Conclave Ranger (UA) with multiple classes benefit from Wizard with Animals to cast suggestion on their own animal?

The Excavated Arcana: Revised Ranger Class makes the most important changes to the Beast conclave Archetype, and one of these most relevant changes to you is that the Animal Companion acts from its own initiative counter:

UA: Revised Ranger, Companion's Bond:

Your animal companion receives a variety of benefits when connected to you.

The pet loses his multiattack action if he has one.

The Companion obeys your commands as best he can. It rolls like any other creature to the initiative, but you determine the actions, decisions, settings and so on. If you are unable to work or are absent, your companion will act alone.


This is a significant departure from the behavior of the PHB Ranger class, where the companion is explicitly described as performing no action unless

PHB Ranger:

She takes your initiative, although she does not take any action unless you have ordered it. When it is your turn, you can verbally command the animal where to go (no action is required of you). You can use your action to perform the Attack, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help action. Once you have the additional attack feature, you can attack a weapon yourself if you order the animal to perform the attack action.

So there is nothing that keeps you from using it suggestion On your own animal companion, as you describe it, there is none need The Revised Ranger Companion is already able to do what you ask him to do without wasting your action or attack, or giving you explicit instructions suggestion or other similar spells.

Note that the revised ranger does this Not get that Additional attack This feature is usually given to other Ranger Conclaves, and instead gains the ability to give their Companion an additional attack by using their response as a Level 5 ability while the Ranger performs the Attack Action. So, if your goal is to allow your companion to attack while performing two attacks, you must multiclass into another class with the Extra Attack feature.