dnd 5e – Can a Druid Wild Shape become a Skull Rat and use telepathy?

One of the limitations of using Wild form is that in most animal forms no druid can speak according to PHB:

You can not cast spells and Your ability to speak or seize every action that requires hands is limited to the abilities of your beast, (my focus)

One of the most important advantages of Wild form is looking for the party and it turns out Cranium Council (from Volos Guide to Monsters) is ideal for this:

  • Rats are a common creature in many cities or dungeons and therefore less prone to create suspicion even when discovered.
  • Dark vision is an advantage in dark places.
  • No extra secrecy Bonus, but +2 of DEX is still a bonus.
  • Telepathic shroud makes it immune to emotion sensors, mind reading and divination.

Many animal forms have great exploration skills, but the skull rat can even be used telepathy for up to 30 feet, which may allow the druid to communicate secretly with the party and relay information about what he sees.

I am still amazed that the Cranium Rat is classified as an animal and not as any monster, but it is an animal in RAW. Since the telepathy Ability of the Cranium Council is a "Ability of the beast form"This means that a druid can actually use telepathy when converted into a Cranium Council?