dnd 5e – Can I double a single spell attack’s range multiple times by taking multiple versions of the Spell Sniper feat?

I was looking at the Player’s Handbook and I saw that there are 3 different types for Spell Sniper.

Simply put, does choosing all three of them create an 8 times multiplier?

For example, say that a Level 10 Arcane Trickster rogue were to use the three Ability Score Improvements they had to take three feats instead.

The feats taken (in no particular order) are Spell Sniper (Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock), Spell Sniper (Cleric, Druid), and Spell Sniper (Wizard).

Does the range benefit of each version of the feat stack, multiplying the range of any spell that requires an attack roll by a total of 8?

(I just inputted the values on D&D Beyond, and it seem like they added the multipliers together for 6 times multiplier. Fire Bolt has a range of 720 ft and Thorn Whip has a range of 180 ft. This is increased from 120 ft and 30 ft. Is this correct on their part?)