dnd 5e – Did the UA “revised” Beastmaster Ranger make it into any official source book?

The “Ranger, Revised” was never fully incorporated. It remains one of the few UA articles that I see as having real value, and which I use in my world.

It usefully revised the PHB ranger archetypes of Hunter and Beast Master, plus added a new one of Deep Stalker.

Later books added several new archetypes, which were better designed and fixed many of the original problems. The Gloom Stalker in the Xanathar’s Guide is similar to the Deep Stalker in the UA article, but better designed.

So, in my world, if you choose to be a Ranger, you need to have some idea of what archetype you’re going to pick at 3rd level. If you’re going to pick Hunter or Beast Master, I’ll let you use the “Ranger, Revised” template. If you’re going to pick any of the others, you’ll use the standard Ranger template.