dnd 5e – Does a creature standing in an anti-magic field face the effects of control weather?

The spell says:

When you cast the spell, you change the current weather conditions (…)

Antimagic zones, including those of anti-magic fieldDon't protect yourself from the weather. There is no mention in the Check the weather spell out that this weather will be magical, only that you change the current weather conditions.

One way to look at it is that you may be changing the weather conditions with your magic, but you are only changing the weather that already existed into something that the weather could (or could have) be at some point. It is the difference between using magic fire and non-magic fire to forge a worldly sword.

Another way to put it: Check the weather doesn't say it creates magical weather, so don't. It also has a series of selves, so it only has a magical effect on the caster. Here is what is written on PHB 202.

(…) Other spells like that sign Spell, only affect you. These spells have a number of selves.

The following is my own opinion now.

Provided that:

  1. The weather is changed with a spell. and,
  2. Antimagic zones protect you from magic. and,
  3. The range of the spells is a terrible indicator of who is experiencing magical effects. and specially,
  4. It's more epic to see hail, wind, and weather go away around you

Then I would rule that someone is in an anti-magical zone as produced by you anti-magic fieldis absolutely safe from the weather Check the weather.