dnd 5e – Does casting invisibility on someone with an Animated Shield make the shield invisible?

I’m trying to build an 11th level gunslinger as per this guide:

This is going to be part of an encounter the PCs face against some pirates. Since I am using PC classes for NPCs here to give the PCs a challenge, I am 100% OK giving them apropriate magically gear that the PCs can loot when they beat them.
The guide suggests using a shield, but I suspect that it must be wrong, as it is my understanding you need a free hand to reload a pistol. Maybe the guide’s intention is for you to use multiple pistols and just not bother reloading but keep quick drawing them.

I would prefer this NPC to have one or two really good pistols and just reload when needed though. My solution to this is to give him an Animated Shield. Part of the encounter will be a mage casting greater invisibility on this gunslinger, who will shoot from one square and run off to another so the PCs will have to go after the mage or cast see invisibility to find him. My question is:

Will the Animated Shield become invisible along with the rest of the gunslinger and his gear?

  • Reasons I believe it will be invisible:

    It is part of his gear, he is attuned to it, and he is attending to
    it (within 10ft of him)

  • Reasons I believe it might be visible:

    It is not actually carried by him, despite giving him an AC bonus as
    if it were carried by him. Since invisibility makes the creature and
    gear they are carrying invisible, this might not apply.