dnd 5e – Homebrew: Path of the Titan Barbarian

I feel there is design space in 5e for player characters that use “great” weapons in more interesting ways, and one such way would be to allow exceptionally strong characters to dual-wield such weapons. To facilitate this goal, I’ve designed a homebrew “Path of the Titan” Barbarian subclass to support this playstyle:

Path of the Titan

Some Barbarians hone their body so they might one day embody the
spirit of the titans themselves. This manifests as a
brutal fighting style that employs especially large weapons, wielded
frenetically and dangerously.

Restriction: Ability Score Minimums

Barbarians come in many shapes and sizes, races and genders, each as
valid as the next; but Barbarians seeking to follow the Path of the
Titan must necessarily be a model of physical strength and endurance.
Any Barbarian that chooses this path must have a combined Strength and
Constitution score of at least 31. If your combined scores are below
this threshold, you cannot benefit from any of the Path Features
provided by this path.

If either or both of your racial Ability Score Increases have been
applied to stats other than Strength or Constitution, you may instead
apply one or both of them to Strength or Constitution.

Titanic Grip

Starting at level 3, you gain the ability to ignore the Two-Handed
property on any weapon, and while you’re raging, you may use
Two-Weapon Fighting without either weapon needing to be Light.

Additionally, if your character’s size is smaller than Medium, the
Heavy Property on your weapons no longer confers Disadvantage to your
Attack Rolls.

Titanic Physique

Starting at level 3, you gain proficiency in the Athletics skill. If
you already have proficiency in Athletics, you may instead gain
proficiency in any other skill of your choice.

While you are raging, you double your proficiency bonus for any
Ability Check that uses your Athletics Proficiency.

Cleaving Blow

Starting at level 6, whenever you are raging, you may use your Action
to make a cleaving blow, dealing damage to creatures in a cone in
front of you. The size of this cone is equal to 5′ plus the average
reach of the melee weapons you are wielding. Each creature in this
cone must make a Dexterity Saving Throw. The DC for this saving throw
is 8 + your Proficiency Modifier + your Strength Modifier. Each
creature in this cone takes damage equal to the combined weapon dice
of the melee weapons you are wielding; or half this damage instead if
they succeed on their saving throw.

Whenever you gain an additional die from the Brutal Critical feature,
you may also add an additional weapon die to the damage of this

Titanic Stature

Starting at level 10, you have advantage on Constitution Saving Throws,
and whenever a creature, spell, or other effect moves you without
using your movement, you may use your reaction to cut the distance in

Additionally, when you determine your Carrying Capacity or your
Lifting/Pushing/Pulling capacity, you may treat your character’s size
as though it were Huge.

Titanic Rage

Starting at level 14, you can unleash the fury of your Titanic Power
in a single cataclysmic act. You may use your action to strike the
ground with your fists, duplicating the effects of the spell
Earthquake, which last for the full duration of 1 minute. The DC for any saving throws produced by these effects is equal to 8 + your Proficiency Modifier + your Strength Modifier.

Once you use your Titanic Rage, you may not do so again until the end
of a Long Rest.

There are, however, several concerns I’d like to receive feedback on for this subclass:

  1. The intention is to support a character that is able to dual-wield melee weapons that normally have the two-handed property; for example, greatswords, greataxes, halberds, or glaives. Does this homebrew support this playstyle fully, or are there rules conflicts I’m not aware of that this subclass would need to directly address?
  2. Are all the features provided by this subclass of an appropriate power level, especially as compared to other Barbarian Paths? I’m particularly interested in the Cleaving Blow feature, which I feel as-written is potentially a very powerful feature.
    • My main concern is comparing a single-class Titan Barbarian against other single-class barbarian builds, but if this enables some powerful multiclass builds, that’s valid to call out.
  3. As a DM, would you allow this subclass at your table? Or, as a Player, would you be comfortable if another player used this subclass for their character?