dnd 5e – How can I handle copper, silver, electrum, gold, platinum, jewelry, and gems? Is there an issue with simplifying them?

I’ve been playing for some years now, and with nearly all of my groups, keeping track of resources is always a hassle. To make things efficient, we basically eliminated all the multiple wealth levels and condensed into gold and gems.

A character gets 50cp, 11sp, 2g, a bracelet worth 25g, and a 50g diamond.

What my players write in their joint Bag of Holding inventory sheet is 27g + 50g (Gems). We eliminate the copper and silver right away, merge gold and jewelry, and don’t bother having to go to vendors in towns to haggle bracelets for gold, or gems, or whatever else. The gems are kept separately because they’re a compact way to transport large amounts of value, and because they’re common reagents (looking at you, Revivify! If a player is looking for specific gems as reagents, then those go to that character’s specific sheet).

Anyway, all these ways of tracking treasure, we need to simplify them. It’s hard for my players to keep track of ammunition, charges in magical items, rations/water (which we’ve already reduced as well, food is bought in units of rations), and a bunch of different units of treasure.

I wonder how other tables track treasure, and what issues (if any) can arise from simplifying the system (aside from inflation!).