dnd 5e – How can this regular hobgoblin from the Acquisitions Incorporated adventure “The Orrery of the Wanderer” use a Spell Scroll?

The hobgoblin is likely a documancer.

Franchises from the Acquisitions Inc. book have an organizational position called a Documancer:

Every great Acquisitions Incorporated quest begins with a contract from Head Office — and a franchise’s documancer is most likely the one who controls and channels the power of that contract. A documancer bears the responsibility of managing each of a franchise’s quests, of ensuring that every condition of the quest is fulfilled, and of recording and sending on information vital to Head Office when the mission is complete. When creating contracts with other organizations, a documancer makes sure that the language benefits both the franchise and Acquisitions Incorporated.

A documancer has a particularly relevant ability:

In addition to the proficiencies noted below, you can add your proficiency bonus to an ability check to organize lore, analyze official or arcane documents, or convey a legally binding point of view.

The position description goes on to assume that a documancer can use spell scrolls even if the spell does not appear on their spell list. The documancer’s Satchel of Holding feature states:

Additionally, you can use an action to draw forth from the documancy satchel a spell scroll of comprehend languages. The scroll vanishes when used, or ten minutes after it appears.

The feature just assumes you can use a comprehend languages scroll, even though it is entirely feasible that your chosen class could not normally use it. The rank 4 feature Scroll Service continues in this assumption:

Also at rank 4, you can use an action to request one spell scroll containing a spell of up to 3rd level from Head Office. If you succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check, the scroll instantly appears within your documancy satchel. Only you can use this scroll.

So while it is not explicitly stated that documancers are an exception to the spell scroll class restriction, it is quite heavily implied to be so.

This is further supported by this statement about company positions:

When you choose a company position for your character, that choice is independent of and in addition to your character’s background, class, and other options.

You choice as a documancer is supposed to be independent of you choice of class, but if the spell scroll restriction applies to the documancer, then it is not indpendent.

Since this particular hobgoblin is an employee of Dran Enterprises, and it is stated that they will use spell scrolls, the most likely answer is that they are a documancer in that organization, and so are particularly gifted at reading arcane documents.