dnd 5e – How do I deal with a player who does not contribute?

A few weeks ago, I started a new campaign with some newer players, and most of them got in directly. They may need some strategy work, but they are doing well (partly because I sent monsters with equally bad tactics). ) One of my players, however, does not seem to take the game seriously or think that his character's actions should be his own and not the person who controls them.

The player in question is a guy I'll call Will for privacy. Will had tried to play the most nervous character they could understand, a vampire blood hunter. I was able to stop them because I have no experience with both the race and the class. So Will decided to play one of the most stereotypical CN rouges I've ever seen. This is not the main problem of Will's character. The main fault of the table is Will's character The attempt to seduce every single male character we meet by failing to pass charisma checks and generally ruining all of the party's social encounters with gaudy pickup lines and bizarre and / or explicit pop culture credentials. Whenever we go to war, Will almost always sleeps and, when not sleeping, makes no attempt to help his own party in any way. One example was when the party's camp was attacked by a band of dark bandits and Will's character with his dog stayed in the car instead of going outside to investigate the obvious sounds of fighting and screaming party members.

I want Will to get more involved in the game, but it seems he does not want to take the game in the least serious while breaking out in the middle of the game in half-hour laughing fits and talking about things that are completely outdated. I do not know what to do about it, but I do not want to kick Will because his sister and friends are in the group, and it can affect his self-esteem.