dnd 5e – How does a bard become aware that his music has magical properties? Or do you have to actively choose it? And how would they learn?

So I have a (human) bard in D & D 5E and wrote a backstory about how his mother was a singer and that was fun in his youth. Later in life he had some illusionist friends of gnomes and was interested in magic. And then what?

I know how and when spells are actually selected, but these are just the mechanics of the game. I'm looking for the role play. What would be the moment he knows he can do magic with his music? Does he have to actively choose to pursue this? And how should he know what to do? Or does he eventually notice a "tingling sensation"?

Bard colleges are only at level three and are not very formal anyway, it does not seem to be that way.

Canonical answers are much appreciated.